Adult Dating Sites

It can be hard to find a good quality adult dating site. Quite often with dating sites generally, but particularly with Adult Dating Sites, you sign up, pay some money only to find the site littered with people not interested in dating, rather trying to sell another online service, like a webcam service, or a 1900 number scam.


That is why we were particularly impressed with the 3 sites we have listed below . Your chances for success with these sites are very high.

Adult Dating Websites Reviewed

Social Sex is a relatively new website in the adult dating world, so it has all the standard features you'd expect from an adult dating site - plus a lot more. You really should click through just to see their home page and how they set up your profile - its an excellent and interactive presentation. Other features of the site include:

  • A massive global presence with active singles and couples everywhere
  • Free membership for browsing and finding attractive partners
  • Exceptional customer service. They really are worth giving a go



Adult Friend Finder

One Adult Dating Site we like is, naturally enough, Adult Friend Finder. These guys are to online adult dating, what McDonalds is to fast food. The first, the biggest, and the site where everyone tends to go to at some stage. So its worthwhile joining these guys, if for no other reason than like minded people are joining it in droves, and waiting to meet you


  • Its THE WORLDS Largest Dating Website with over 30,000,000 adult members. Of course there is someone looking for exactly what you are within these numbers
  • It supports over 8 languages, and has all the features. It has to, to keep so many people happy.
  • This site is so big, you just need to get in and look around it. You will find someone there



    Sex Search is becoming the #1 site for people looking for sex. They attract more than 450,000 new members every month. It definitely is becoming the fastest growing adult personals site on the net.

    • 450,000 + new members every month!
    • You can search and view profiles with your free membership. Most adult sites these days make you pay before you search. At least you can work out if you are interested in anyone on this site before you pay a thing.
    • An extremely cheap trial membership is available for when you decide to contact people (only $US 1.95)
    • You'll find all the regular features you'd expect on an adult personals site at!






      Also, we now have a review page specifically for Australian Adult Dating Sites. The above two sites, while they do cater for Aussies and are definitely worth a look, they are not Aussie sites. Click through to review Aussie Adult Dating Sites, including Red Hot Pie and Aussie Match Maker


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