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There are 2 Christian Dating sites which are particularly worthy of note.

These are BigChurch.Com and Below are summaries of the features of these 2 dating sites for Christians. We hope you find like minded, spiritual people at both.

Catholic Dating Sites Reviewed


  • The purpose of is to bring people together in love and faith. So you are likely to find like minded people here.
  • They have several powerful features to help you find your match, whether you are looking for romance, friendship or other encounters.
  • They offer other features to make your experience fun and fulfilling, which no other site does. Bible commentary is an example of this.




    • have a FREE 10 day trial of their services, which means you get the opportunity to see if a potential partner resides here before you pay for anything.
    • This site is very safe, giving you your own email box on their website, so no-one will know who you are until you are ready to share with them.
    • The site offers many more tips about safe internet dating, and dating advice generally. These tips are designed to make your dating experiences as fun and fulfilling as possible. So we recommend you read and heed them.
    • The people you meet on ChristianCafe will usually be like minded, spiritual people just like you, looking for someone to share with.


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