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At Dating Down Under, we have a simple idea. We believe you deserve a safe and successful dating experience, no matter what or who you are looking for. To that end, we have put together this website to present to you the best that online dating has on offer to Aussies. (and all you visitors soaking up our lifestyle here) That way,

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We recognise people look for different things when dating. It takes all types doesn't it. As such, there are no judgments here, to judge is not be the Australian way. There is just open minded and free advice to help you find the person or people that will make you happy.


To that end, within Dating Down Under, along with a stack of other information, you will find:

  • Reviews of adult dating sites
  • Reviews of nationality specific dating sites
  • Reviews of religion specific dating sites
  • Reviews of sexuality specific dating sites
  • General dating advice for men
  • General dating advice for women
  • A growing list of free article dealing with dating issues


So take your time browsing around to find the information that you need. Don't worry if some parts of the website are not relevant to your journey, ignore those pages and find the pages that matter to you. Not everything here is for everyone, but most of what is here, is for someone.

Find Your Perfect Gay Date

Gay dating was not easy for quite some time. The gay community has been subjected to so many stereotypes over the years that it's no wonder that gay dating is hard to come by. When thousands of new kinds of apps were introduced every year during the iPhone age.

Unfortunately, gay dating websites aren't all bad. In fact, best gay dating sites Australia are ones that allow you to find the right partner for you without having to put in a lot of effort. Websites are similar to the old-fashioned "runt" approach to picking up men. Instead of picking up random people in coffee shops & bars, you can actually search for men in your area.

As you might imagine, such websites are more and more popular. However, if you want to really make sure that you have the best chance of finding a great partner, you should consider checking out some of the other gay dating sites that are available. These professional men seeking men sites tend to have a better variety than some others, which is what I personally prefer.

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