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The Good

IWantU is one of the most popular dating sites for singles seeking a real connection. Some of the benefits of this service include genuine profiles, free sign up, Great email services and FAQ pages, and sending companion demands. In addition, this is an experienced dating site, has simplified local searches and allows members to upload photos.

The Bad

Some of the disadvantages of using this dating service include the presence of some fake profiles, default automatic renewal of premium membership, and affiliate interfaces all over the pages.

The Bottom Line

IWantU has a user base that is large enough to increase your chances of getting a match. You can fasten the process of getting a match by taking personal initiative and use the search filters.

Member Choice 4.0
Match & Search 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Privacy & Safety 4.0
Help & Support 4.0

Member Quality

IWantU has all types of people on its platform. It is because the dating site is open to everyone who is an adult. We also discovered during our research for this review that a majority of the users are young people. The distribution of membership ages and its open policy to all types of people make IWantU one of the best Australian dating sites. However, there are some fake profiles on this platform. The fake profiles are easy to notice and avoid.

It is definitely one of those platforms that you want to join if you’re open to anything. The service is not restrictive on the type of relationships or connections that it advocates. You can sign up and have a good time figuring out the type of people you want to connect with on the website.

Iwantu Members

IWantU Sign Up

Part of our preparation for this IWantU website review involved signing up with the platform. The registration process is easy and fast. As you fill in the signup form, you’ll be required to provide your age, sex, location, email address, and preferred password. There is no option to sign up through Facebook or any other platform other than your email.

Email verification is mandatory before you can access the dating services at IWantU. You can only access your account after approval. The verification process is necessary to minimize the number of fake profiles and scammers on the platform.

Safety Features

Everyone wants to be safe when dating online. The first step in ensuring your online safety is by using a secure website like IWantU. Our research for this review discovered that the website had employed robust security measures to protect members from fraudsters. Your data on this website is also safe.

The email verification minimizes fake profiles on the dating site, although a few manage to go through the system. IWantU also gives you the option to browse incognito. Staying anonymous means you have some level of control over the website, and you can only contact the people you’re sure about the meeting. If you feel someone is suspicious, is harassing you, or sending you offensive messages, you can report them.

Iwantu Sign up

Search Filters

The search filters are your easiest and fastest way of finding your potential matches. The basic search lets you find people by their age, location, and members who have photos or videos on their profiles. The advanced filters further refine your search through additional filters like ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and sexual orientation.

You can also search for members near your area through location search. The website allows you to look for people who are within a 25-mile radius. An additional advantage is that IWantU automatically gives you match suggestions. You can then decide on whether you want to contact them or not. Changing your settings from ‘normal’ to ‘naughty’ means you can find different types of people for different relationships.

Iwantu Search

Legit Members

People on this dating site are looking for different types of relationships. You can learn more about each member’s preference by going through their profile. You’ll get information about what they’re all about, the type of people they’re looking for, and the relationships they want. However, there are some fake profiles.

History of IWantU Dating Site

IWantU is a popular online dating site that has its presence in many English-speaking countries. The platform is designed to make it easy for local singles to connect. Since its launch, the website has always welcomed all types of people for all types of relationships. It is also one of the oldest online dating sites.

Statistics of IWantU.com

There are no exact figures on the total number of users in Australia who are on this platform, but it’s large enough to allow members to meet potential matches. In the United Kingdom, there are around 120,000 users. The ratio of males to females is almost equal, though there are more males than females.

Membership Base

Number of Users

  • Estimate of active members: No exact figures available
  • Male vs. Female members breakdown: 55% men vs. 45% women

What Members Are Looking For

  • Relationship status(es): Single-Divorced-Open Relationships-Widowed
  • Relationship type(s): All orientations
  • Looking for: Serious Long-Term-Casual-Hookups-Friendships

Areas Covered

  • USA (English)
  • United Kingdom (UK English)
  • Australia (Australia English)

IWantU is also available in several other countries across the world.

Free Versus Paid Accounts

Both free and premium accounts are available at IWantU. Free members, however, have limited access to some of the useful features on the platform. As a free user, you’ll therefore have access to less than 50 percent of the dating services available on the platform.

(See feature breakout)

Premium Plans

Duration Pricing
3-day trial period 3.18 USD
One months 24.49 USD
Three months 41.97 USD

After the 3-day trial and you’ve not canceled the subscription, you’ll automatically be charged for a new one-month premium membership.

Payment Methods Available

We could not find information on the payment methods accepted on this dating site, but credit cards should be acceptable methods.


Can I View Messages as a Free Member of IWantU??

Women can view messages for free. Men have to be premium members of the dating site to view messages.

Is IWantU a Safe Dating Site?

Yes, this is a safe dating site. IWantU also allows you to go incognito to enhance your security.

Is There a Chatroom at IWantU?

Yes, there is a chatroom at IWantU. You can turn the chat feature on and off depending on when you want to engage other users.
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