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The three websites listed below not only cater for Aussies (just as all the
websites listed on DatingDownUnder do) but they are created by and run by Aussies. As such, they are slightly better placed to cater for our needs (and desires as the case may be). So here are 2 of the best Adult Dating Sites, by Aussies for Aussies

Reviews of Aussie Dating Sites

Red Hot Pie

An aussie born and bred dating site which has taken our local dating scene by storm. It has been tremendously successful in generating new members. Given Red Hot Pie does not get as much publicity as sites like RSVP, we believe its success is simply testament to the quality of the site. Their features include:


  • Its Australia's Largest Dating Website with over 1,000,000 listings. Many people for you to meet.
  • It has many features to make your experience fun including webcam chat and amateur pics
  • It has well organised singles events, to make it easier for you to meet people offline
  • It has both a regular singles section and an adult section
  • FHM rated Red Hot Pie 8/10 in their global dating site survey, which is well above all other Australian dating sites.

We really like, just for their efforts at promoting harmony in Australia, through celebrating the diverse cultures which live here, by and large, peacefully. The site aims at matching people who are looking for someone of a different ethnicity or culture. It is really worth having a look. Other features include:

  • A massive database of singles from all cultures
  • MultiCultural Forums and Chat features
  • Blogs and News features
  • A great spin on one of Australia greatest features, cultural diversity


MultiCultural Dating Site