Adult Dating Sites - Dangers and Rewards

Adult dating sites can be very contentious. Some people hate them, others use them exclusively. They can cause debate on morality, and whether they are dating sites at all. As you would be aware of by now though, at Dating Down Under, we just aren't interested in opinions like this. We are open minded, there are people who like these sites and use them to meet people. They obviously provide a service people find value in. So we'd rather advise you of some of the pitfalls and traps, some of the dangers and rewards, that this category of dating site exposes you to. That way you can be better prepared if you decide adult dating is for you, and you can make those decisions for yourself.

We have put together our Adult Dating Sites page this site to review some adult dating sites. Naturally we only put sites on this page, which have been properly vetted. There are many sites out there which we have reviewed and have found to be lacking. These substandard sites are fraught with issues, some of which we list below, which can put you and your finances at risk. You can visit and read our reviews of our "safer" adult dating sites at the following link: Adult Dating Sites.


The Rewards of Adult Dating Sites:

The rewards of adult dating sites are pretty much the same for men and women. Clearly the people who are active in adult dating sites are very open minded about what they are looking, for both sexually and romantically.  From free sex chat to the explicit nature of the forums, it can be very "in your face" if this is not what you are expecting.  But this means that when you find someone you like, you should have a pretty good idea about what they are looking for. You can also assume that they know what you want. As such, the chances are pretty good that you'll get exactly what you are looking for. (which is probably something I can't write about here ha ha)


So be careful what you wish for, ;-)


Potential Pitfalls Of Adult Dating Sites

There are many potential dangers with adult dating sites. The dangers tend to be different depending on your gender, so we have divided these up and summarised them below:


Adult Dating Sites - Dangers To Women
The dangers a woman faces from this type of dating site are dangers to her "person". Obviously open sexuality in dating is a bit of an emphasis with adult dating, lets face it, thats their selling point. Therefore there can be an expectation that a date will quickly escalate into a sexual encounter. Obviously problems can quickly arise where these expectations differ between the participants.


As a woman, try not to put yourself in a position of physical vulnerability, until you are completely sure that is where you want to be with a person. Make sure your first date is somewhere public and safe, if for no other reason than to ensure the person matches the profile you were expecting. Yes, people can lie on their profiles.


Only escalate the date when you feel it time to do so.


This is always logical and sound advice to anyone who is dating. Due to the sexual expectations surrounding adult sites though, it is especially important here.


Adult Dating Sites - Dangers To Men
The biggest threat you will find as a man, are not dangers to your person, rather dangers to your wallet. Adult dating sites also tend to be packed with "scammers", and unfortunately, most (but not all) of them are pretty women. (Well, that is what their profile says anyway) Exactly the type of women you expected to meet on the site. Below are examples of the scams we are talking about.


Some Adult Dating scams:
1. Scams including 1900 phone numbers are common. You can be contacted by someone who asks you to contact them using a 1900 number. These phone calls can cost you quite a deal of money, all for nothing. The scammer will profit from the phone cal at your expense. Don't be tempted by the promise of meeting the hottest girl on the site, they will never actually meet you. All they want is for you to call so they can make some money.


2. There are scammers who will ask you to visit another site/see their photos/see their webcam. Its all the same deal. These girls just want your money, they do not to meet you. Their websites will always be pay per view or pay to signup, so you pay, and they get paid. Don't get sucked in by these girls, save your money for the next profile under hers, the one that wants to meet you and have that good time, the good time that you signed up at the dating site for.


3. There are scammers who are looking for a way out of their country. Yes, I know, these scammers can be pretty persuasive, but remember what you are at an adult dating site for. If you are looking for an international introduction, an adult dating site is not the right place to be. Go to a profession international introductions site, where the professionals who run it will protect you to some degree from being scammed. The "internationals" on adult dating sites tend to want to separate you from your money. Don't buy into it.


The best advice a man can accept when being hit by scammers is simply to remember why you came to an ADULT site. You came to meet like minded people, to start a hot and steamy relationship with. You didn't join these sites to pay people who are not going to give you anything in return.